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Whisper- A Pete Zendel Christian Romantic Suspense Series Novel (The Pete Zendel Series)Whisper- A Pete Zendel Christian Romantic Suspense Series Novel by Joy Ohagwu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Joy Ohagwu is a “new to me author”. Until recently I have not had the privilege of reading any of her books. And that is a shame because I had no idea what I was missing out on.

What I loved most about two of her books, Whisper and Hunter, is that on almost every page, Christianity is boldly present. Not just a mention of Christ here, a Scripture dropped there, or a few words of a prayer sprinkled throughout. No. They are present and organically relevant to the main characters and the storyline.

The main characters are Christian, but just like real Christians, they are not perfect. They struggle with the same issues that everyone else does. Unmet expectations, broken dreams, grief, loss and, unfortunately, the consequences of mistakes made when we are in the midst of those emotions.

The characters are likeable and relatable, the chapter hooks are engaging and the content is strong with believable and plausible situations.

This is not one of those books where you’ll have to guess whether its Christian fiction. The Light of Christ shines from the pages while still pulling you into the story and leaving you wanting more.

My Goodreads rating for this novel is five stars and my Fiction With Faith Candle and Bread rating for this book is also five stars. The goodness of God, the Light of the Christian faith, and spiritual nourishment are tastefully abundant in these novels.

Joy Ohagwu is an amazing storyteller. And she just found herself a new fan.

Whisper- A Pete Zendel Christian Romantic Suspense Series Novel

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