The Deepest Waters

The Deepest WatersThe Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Based on a true story, Dan Walsh’s award-winning novel, The Deepest Waters was inspired by true events that happened in September 1857.

The story is centered around three people. John and Laura Foster, and Micah, a slave aboard the rescue ship, the Cutlass.

The Foster’s are newlyweds who decide to set sail for a surprise visit to John’s family in New York. However, a violent change in the weather changes everything. John and Laura are heartbreakingly separated when a much smaller ship arrives with only enough room to rescue the women and children.

Micah is a slave aboard that ship, and he and Mrs. Foster form a friendship that changes both of their lives forever.

My Goodreads rating for this novel is five stars and my Candle and Bread rating for this book is also five stars. Dan Walsh weaved the goodness of God, the Light of the Christian faith, and storytelling seamlessly throughout this novel while also leaving the reader with plenty of spiritual nourishment to chew on long after the last page is turned.

The Deepest Waters

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