Kara R. Hunt

Author of The Habakkuk Series.

KARA R. HUNT is the host of the Cheer UP! Podcast and an award-winning author.

Her novels have received the 2023 Golden Scrolls Award for Contemporary Novel of the Year and the coveted 2023 Selah Award for Contemporary Womens Fiction.

Kara is an avid reader and usually can be found reading a novel from one of her favorite authors or listening to one of their audiobooks.

Kara and her husband reside in rural Missouri.


Book cover for book number 1 in the Habakkuk Series by author Kara R. Hunt and titled Paper Dolls. Purple in color with a cut out of a paper doll in a lighter shade of purple as the cover image. There is also a gold award winning sticker on the cover.
Book #1 in the Habakkuk Series

Paper can be torn and dolls can break.

So can humans.

Kite Tanner, a widow, struggles with the sudden loss of her husband.

Priscilla Martin, the minister’s daughter, pursues money and men with passion.

Lydia Dooley, a prayer-warrior, battles a brain tumor and a daughter who can’t forget the sins of her mother’s past.

Eve Stanton, a talented Christian singer and songwriter, is brought to her knees when the truth about her marriage is revealed.

Mary Rabin, kidnapped from her front yard at the age of eight, returns forty years later to reunite with the family and friends she’d fought for decades to find her way back to.

The bonds of family and friendship are tested.

Will the women’s faith in God and each other stand the test of time? Or will it crumple like paper?


Paper Dolls Kite by author Kara R. Hunt

Book #2 in the Habakkuk Series

Moving from widow to newlywed, Kite Eagle begins to find balance between a love lost and her new life.

But Kite’s harmony and peace is disrupted by an impassioned plea from the husband of her cousin, Gypsy.

Kite is thrilled to hear of Gypsy’s return to Habakkuk, but joy turns to dread when Gypsy goes missing.

Gypsy’s husband suspects foul play and asks Kite–a former private investigator–to look into his wife’s disappearance.

Kite questions her cousin’s closest friends, and learns that Gypsy’s disappearance is more sinister than anyone could’ve realized.


Paper Dolls Priscilla by author Kara R. Hunt

Book #3 in the Habakkuk Series

Former gold-digger Priscilla King was looking for a sugar-daddy when she met Barry King.

She never expected to fall in love–or to find her way back to her faith. Now, married to the man of her dreams, she regrets the decisions she made in her past, but she’s not ashamed of the lessons she’s learned. One of those lessons: Don’t hurt the people you love.

Priscilla has told Barry all her secrets, and he loves her anyway, but his adult children think she’s a fraud. They’re determined to put an end to their father’s marriage–by any means necessary.

To fight for her marriage, Priscilla must battle her own step-children. How can she keep from hurting those she loves most without losing her marriage…or herself?


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