Long Time Coming

I decided to read this book after my book club had a discussion on it and their comments peaked my interest. If I had saw this book on the shelf at my local bookstore I’m not sure I would have bought it. So I’m very glad that the book came up for review at the book club. This is a story I would not have wanted to miss.

Warning: This story is a real tear-jerker, so keep the Kleenex handy.

The story follows two women. Deidre, a grade school principle who strives to follow after God’s heart and Kenisha, a 23 year old mother of three, who could care less about God, and she figures He feels the same way about her. She is dying.

The women’s paths cross when Kenisha’s treatments interfere with her picking up her son from school. However, Deidre isn’t aware of Kenisha’s condition and things are said between the two and it becomes quite clear that they won’t soon become fast friends. But God had other plans.

“Long Time Coming” by Vanessa Miller is a story of faith and sorrow. As you journey with these women through their story you learn a lot about understanding the hearts of those who have hurt them deeply as well as those that they have hurt. Then being able to learn to forgive them and accept forgiveness. And in Kenisha’s case, that also includes forgiving God.

I give “Long Time Coming” four stars because of its riveting storyline and the poignant way this story was told. My only disappointment was the predictable ending. However, this is a book that will stay with you long after you turn the last page. It will inspire you to reach into your own heart and your own past to see if there’s anything there that you still need to give to God. This is one book that I would love to see made into a movie.

Highly Recommended. Buy a copy for a friend. Trust me, they will be eternally grateful.

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