Lady In Waiting

“Lady In Waiting” is two stories in one.  The first story is of Jane Lindsay. The owner of an antiques store whose life is turned upside when her husband of twenty-two years, unexpectedly announces that he needs some space and subsequently packs his belongings and leaves. Jane is floored. Her husband had suggested that she knew that there were problems in their marriage, so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. But the problem is that Jane didn’t know anything. Up to that point, she really believed her marriage was fine.

The second story is about sixteenth-century Lady Jane Grey, as told through the eyes of Lucy Day her dressmaker and confidant. We are introduced to Lady Jane as a young girl of nobility whose story of sorrow, irrevocable choices and faith are journaled as she quickly rises to Queen of England. Even if it was only for nine days.

“Lady In Waiting” is about choices. The choices we make, the one’s we don’t and the choices we choose to ignore. Both Jane’s struggle to find a happy medium between the choices they want and the choices that have already been made for them. For one of them, finding that balance may have come too late.

And in the middle of both women’s stories…the ring. An ancient relic purchased at a British sale for Jane Lindsay’s antique store, with a Latin inscription and the name Jane engraved into the band.

The story is definitely an enjoyable read, although in some parts, the storyline moved along slowly. However, there was also a suspense element that kept me turning the page and wanting to read more. The story is very well told and moves seamlessly across the centuries. The book will definitely challenge you to rethink some choices you have made. And it will also cause you to think twice about that new antique you just purchased as well. Does it have a story to tell?

You bet.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”

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