Raspberry Kisses

Enmity between the Gonzalez family and the Striker’s family ran deep even after the notorious Striker’s death. Grateful to God to be alive and eager to move on, Roberto Gonzalez settled into his art management career, but the person he loved walked away without giving a reason. Years later, landing a rare opportunity to restore an old mansion in Paris offers the ideal getaway, except the perfect person to work with him—the woman he fell in love with—drags her feet, the same way she did before she dumped him. Will his heart be broken again, or will love win this time?

Art Restorer Catherine Hall knew Roberto trusted her when, during their brief relationship, he confided that he’d been the target whose failure to kill had led to the Striker’s demise. He didn’t know she was the Striker’s cousin—the secret reason she walked away from a relationship with him then.

Even though Roberto was everything she wanted, he was also her family’s target for his role in her cousin, the Striker’s death—a crime they vowed to avenge. Little did she know he was supposed to be an enemy before she fell in love with him. Now, it was too late.

After promising herself she could live without Roberto, all these years later, when he offers her a dream job to work with him and restore an old lovers’ escape mansion in Paris, will she follow her heart’s yes—or her family’s no? Can she risk falling in love with an enemy, or can love win over war?

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By God’s grace, USA Today Bestselling Author Joy Ohagwu is an award-winning author of Christian Suspense and Romance & Christian Inspirational Fiction.

She credits Jesus with having turned her life around, averted multiple life derailments for her, and she’s grateful to be writing stories that embody grace, hope, love, and second (and multiple) chances.

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