New Series By Cheri Swalwell

Book 1

We stick together. That’s what families do.

Holly’s waited four long years to officially date Mitch, her older brother Shawn’s best friend. Mitch couldn’t wait to start their relationship in the same zip code either. What better way to celebrate than by serving together on their church’s mission trip?

All her carefully laid plans will finally lead to the happily-ever-after she’s been dreaming about…until they didn’t. Can Holly trust that God will take her tragedy and bring something good from it? Should Holly remain in Peritville where she’s safely surrounded by her family…or accept her Heavenly Father’s invitation to establish roots in a new community, make new friends, and possibly find love on a new adventure?

Adventure’s Invitation is Book 1 of The Redemption of Green Pines series, a 6-book series about the messiness of family interwoven with the complications of a close-knit community. Travel into the lives of people with real-life problems as they encounter a God who loves to turn messes into miracles.

If you like wholesome fiction with a faith-filled message, get ready to set off on Adventure’s Invitation today. . .and find out what choice Holly made.

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