Deadly Doll: Behind The Story

This month’s featured new release was Deadly Doll by ACFW Mystery/Thriller/Suspense author Brooke Cox. Today’s feature is the story behind the story.

deadly doll

I am an old tomboy who loves mystery and adventure stories. I started making up stories before I learned to write. My first published writings were children short stories, skits and poetry. Now I am venturing into Mystery. I have always enjoyed reading Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark. I thought if they can do it; I can too.

It’s not easy being the little odd ball. Brooksie, the main character, is different from the rest of her family. Even though they love her, she still Brooke and Little Johndoesn’t ever fit in completely. That was me growing up. I realized at an early age that I was different from my family. Do you remember the old cartoons where the stork would bring the baby to the parents? I used to joke my stork crashed landed at the wrong hospital.

That was the initial inspiration behind my book. I wanted to reach out to others who didn’t always fit in either. I wanted Brooksie to use her uniqueness to solve a mystery that nobody else in her family could. You don’t have to conform to please other people; just be the person Jesus created you to be.

Even though “Deadly Doll” is fiction, there is some reality in it. The doll on the cover is real. It’s my mother’s doll that my great grandfather sent back to her from Alaska while he was working there. It was hand made by Eskimos.

There was a small room off my grandparent’s attic that I would sneak into quite often. I would move old furniture out of the way as quietly as I could. Then I had to lift an old wooden plank from the doorway. And I had a flashlight hidden in my shirt. It was so exciting to turn it on and peer in at all the old stuff that was put away and forgotten about. I used to imagine all kinds of adventures there.

While writing “Deadly Doll,” it took on a life of its own. The more I worked on it, the more complicated it became. And I loved it. That’s when I realized how much I enjoy plotting out and writing mysteries.

Deadly Doll was released by Mantle Rock Publishing and is available on Amazon. To get your copy of this hot new release click here!

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