Trusting The Original Story Teller

Old Bible God is not only the Creator of all that exists, He’s also the Master Author of our lives. We may be familiar with how our life stories began, but only He knows the entire character arc our lives will take. He knows how much to show us and how much to tell us. He knows what type of protagonist we’ll be and if we’ll be victorious over the obstacles thrown at us by the fiery antagonist. He knows the choices we’ll need to make, and the consequences if we choose unwisely.

But Hebrews 12:2 also reminds us that He’s the Author of our faith as well. God’s in the faith business and so are we when we write to glorify Him. He’s the original Story Teller. The Author of All. And if we trust Him, He’ll also be our Divine Agent. We can then rest assured that He’ll make the necessary preparations for us to succeed in our walk with Him and our writing career.

But that takes faith. Faith in the stories God has given us. Faith for the right words to tell it, and faith that we’ll be able to see it through without losing our minds. But more importantly, faith that our fictional stories will mimic our true life stories and bring those who read it one step closer to Him. One page at a time.

Because at the end of every story, fictional or otherwise, that’s all that really matters.

– Kara R. Hunt

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