Almost Heaven

“Almost Heaven” is the story of Billy Allman. The story follows Billy from a young boy who witnesses the destruction of his small town in the hills of West Virginia by devastating flood waters, to a semi-reclusive adult who tries to maintain his struggling small town radio station while dealing with unpredictable and at times the seemingly insurmountable obstacles laid in his path by sinister and impish demonic forces (unseen by Billy, but who were under the watchful eye of Billy’s guardian angel, Malachi). The demons were relentless in trying to tear apart Billy’s faith … and they tried to do this by destroying everyone and everything that Billy loved.  And they succeeded. In tormenting the lives of those Billy cared about, but not at destroying his faith.

Billy’s relationship with God is about as real as it gets. And Chris Fabry in “Almost Heaven” is able to masterfully weave together the story of this man’s life. Sometimes in heart-wrenching detail. The story of a man who truly tried to “honor God, with every decision he made.”

The first couple of chapters of the book were hard for me to read. The emotion Mr. Fabry is able to reveal through his writing is truly remarkable. Keep your Kleenex handy. Trying to read through some of the chapters may have you in tears because it is so easy to relate to what the main characters and especially Billy are going through.

That being said, I was able to read this book in less than a week. It was impossible to put down. You’re drawn in at the very first page and compelled to continue reading, anxious to find out what happens next.

“Almost Heaven” is a very inspirational and thought provoking novel. When you turn the last page, you don’t feel like you just read a book, but that instead you were given the privilege of witnessing and sharing in the life journey of Billy Allman. And you’re sad that it ended.

Highly recommended.

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